Chris Smith Owner & Artist

Chris Smith - Owner

Hello! My name is Chris and this is my story. I started drawing and creating art as soon as I could hold a pencil, I would say I was about 2-3 years old. Skip ahead 15 years and I’m starting my tattoo apprenticeship. Skip ahead another 15 years and now I own a little tattoo studio called No Love Lost Tattoos and Piercing in Bowmanville, where I spend most of my time creating custom tattoos. My art style has developed into a multi-faceted style that is based around traditional tattooing but encompasses many different styles that produce my own unique brand of art. Basically, I like to do everything! I like to push myself out of my comfort zone to learn and grow, as I feel like that mindset has continuously helped increase my ability and keeps me passionate about tattooing. I am known for my colour work and large, complex designs. I love themes of nature, spirituality, Japanese art, comic book art and horror culture. As well, I love the ritual of tattooing! From the conception of the idea, through the pain and the struggle of the procedure, to the feeling of accomplishment and pride you get when it’s all done. If you have an open mind and a courageous soul, I want to meet you and create art for you that tells YOUR story!

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Erin Neufeld - Shop Manager

I love tea, cats, crystals and of course tattoos! I got my first one as soon as I could sign for it myself at 18 and have been collecting ever since. I have worked in customer service/retail since my very first job at 15 and was SUPER happy to join the team here at No Love Lost Tattoos & Piercings in June of 2016 as shop manager/gatekeeper. Look for me on your right when you come by the shop!

Erin Neufeld - Shop Manager

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Curtis Hircock - Piercer

If you had asked me years ago if I would have considered piercing as a career, I probably wouldn't even have an answer for you. It was something that I kind of jumped into. My good friend Kyle Tait at Motor City Tattoos offered me a 6 month apprenticeship under him, and I jumped at the opportunity. The No Love Lost crew is a very professional team, and I'm extremely excited to be apart of this family. Piercing is something therapeutic to me, and I only hold myself to the highest of standards as far as my quality of work, sanitation, and as well as customer satisfaction. Come by and let me stab holes into you!

Curist Hircock - Piercer

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Emily Smith - Artist


I have been passionate about art and all things creative since I was young and that passion has lead me to the tattooing industry. I am drawn to the neo-traditional style of tattooing but also enjoy other styles, such as realism and illustrative work. I enjoy subjects related to anime/manga, video games, plants/flowers, animals, portraiture work...etc. Let me know what inspires you and I will endeavor to bring your vision to life and create a piece you truly love. Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you!

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Cally Barrett - Artist

cally Barrett - Artist

I’ve been artistic for my entire life with a focus on bright and colourful acrylic paintings and graphite drawings. My career path for the last few years has been anything but artistic as I focused on a career which I thought was generally accepted and supported by society and my family. After spending a few years working as an Engineering Technologist, I took some time to reflect on my true passion and asked myself, when I retire in the next 30 years, will I be proud of what I’ve done with my life?

The answer was no. Although I was proud of my career, I was not passionate about it, I had this extreme urge to pursue a creative career path and I knew I had to combine that with my passion for tattoos! I’m so great full to have had the opportunity to complete my apprenticeship with Chris and am continuously growing as an artist  alongside my tattoo family at No Love Lost Tattoos and Piercings. My interests are in black and grey realism, surrealism and bright colourful neotraditional. As a fairly new tattoo artist I am seeking to try new things and styles so bring on the ink and I’ll see you at the shop!

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Quinn McInall - Jr. Artist

Quinn McInall - Jr. Artist

Hi There — My name is Quinn.

I have always been interested in visual arts and have known from a young age that it’s what I wanted to pursue as a career. I studied Fine Arts at Durham College and received my Bachelor of Arts at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. My interests include pop culture, video games, and anime - but I’m always interested in trying something new!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to push my creative boundaries and elevate myself to become the best artist I can be at No Love Lost. I’m looking forward to not only connecting with my community but also improving my art so I can make your vision come to life.

I can’t wait to become a part of the No Love Lost crew and I’m so excited to work with you in the future!

Tattooing is my life and I wouldn't trade my passion with anyone else in the world!

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Valentino Scorsa - Artist

Valentino Scorsa - Artist

I'm Valentino. You may wonder what prompted me to choose this profession among many, so I would like to briefly summarize my story.

I am the son of a professional footballer and at the age of 12 I decided to participate in a football school organized by my father. I still remember my first day of training because it was a total disaster. From the very first moments, instead of thinking about the right moves to make and team play, I focused on the woods adjacent to the sports field. My mind imagined how I could draw and paint those magnificent trees and all the fauna that surrounded them. I soon realized that sport as a profession did not belong to me and took me away from my true passion: art and in particular painting. I was afraid of disappointing my father but I decided with courage that it was time to tell him.

He, having understood right away, reassured me that I should do what I loved, because passion is what elevates and stimulates us in life.

So I studied a little self-taught, then for about 20 years I devoted myself to painting, between an art academy and painters' workshops. One day I met Stefano Marchesini, a Bolognese artist and tattooist, who made me take the first steps in this magical world, which I believe is higher than a painting on canvas.

In fact, the tattoo allows me to get closer to others, to understand and listen to the soul of people to describe through a drawing what they have inside and what they want to tell the world. This flatters me and gratifies me every day, it is a great gesture of esteem and trust in me.

Tattooing is my life and I wouldn't trade my passion with anyone else in the world!

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