Chris Smith Owner & Artist

Chris Smith - Owner

Hello! My name is Chris and this is my story. I started drawing and creating art as soon as I could hold a pencil, I would say I was about 2-3 years old. Skip ahead 15 years and I’m starting my tattoo apprenticeship. Skip ahead another 15 years and now I own a little tattoo studio called No Love Lost Tattoos and Piercing in Bowmanville, where I spend most of my time creating custom tattoos. My art style has developed into a multi-faceted style that is based around traditional tattooing but encompasses many different styles that produce my own unique brand of art. Basically, I like to do everything! I like to push myself out of my comfort zone to learn and grow, as I feel like that mindset has continuously helped increase my ability and keeps me passionate about tattooing. I am known for my colour work and large, complex designs. I love themes of nature, spirituality, Japanese art, comic book art and horror culture. As well, I love the ritual of tattooing! From the conception of the idea, through the pain and the struggle of the procedure, to the feeling of accomplishment and pride you get when it’s all done. If you have an open mind and a courageous soul, I want to meet you and create art for you that tells YOUR story!

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Erin Neufeld - Shop Manager

I love tea, cats, crystals and of course tattoos! I got my first one as soon as I could sign for it myself at 18 and have been collecting ever since. I have worked in customer service/retail since my very first job at 15 and was SUPER happy to join the team here at No Love Lost Tattoos & Piercings in June of 2016 as shop manager/gatekeeper. Look for me on your right when you come by the shop!

Erin Neufeld - Shop Manager

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Dillon Leask - Artist

Dillon Leask - Artist

I run on coffee and I'm obsessed with tattooing. I'm passionate about tattooing timeless imagery in a new stylized way as larger projects; subjects like mythology, psychology, spirituality and animal related concepts really interest me. I love nerding out with the research for projects and getting to know my clients really well so I can personalize the narrative and create something unique and different. I'm human, you're human, let's talk about that and make some art.

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Curtis Hircock - Piercer

If you had asked me years ago if I would have considered piercing as a career, I probably wouldn't even have an answer for you. It was something that I kind of jumped into. My good friend Kyle Tait at Motor City Tattoos offered me a 6 month apprenticeship under him, and I jumped at the opportunity. The No Love Lost crew is a very professional team, and I'm extremely excited to be apart of this family. Piercing is something therapeutic to me, and I only hold myself to the highest of standards as far as my quality of work, sanitation, and as well as customer satisfaction. Come by and let me stab holes into you!

Curist Hircock - Piercer

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Kristen Sali - Artist

Hi! My name is Kristen and I like to draw fun stuff on people. I was trained under the owner of No Love Lost, Chris Smith. I currently enjoy doing floppy florals and super cute illustrative stuff!

Kristen Sali - Artist

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