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2 for 1 Piercings:

On the same client: titanium $80

On 2 clients: titanium $90

*titanium bead end upgrades available for an extra $20 (flat discs/gems/crescent moons/etc)

⦁ 1 Ear lobe

⦁ Helix/Forward Helix/Flat

⦁ Tragus

⦁ Conch

⦁ Rook

⦁ Eyebrow

⦁ Labret/Monroe

⦁ Nostril

⦁ Navel

Other Piercings/Services:

⦁ Bridge $80

⦁ Tongue $70

⦁ Philtrum $70
⦁ Snakebites, Angel bites, Spider bites, or Dahlia $100

⦁ Septum $70

⦁ Industrial $70

⦁ Daith $70

⦁ Nipples 1 for $80 2 for $100

⦁ Dermal Removal $20

⦁ Tapering $30-40 per piercing depending on jewelry selection

Jewelry Sale Pricing:
⦁ $10 for Basic Jewelry

⦁ $10 for 1 Jewelry Change, $5 for each additional change for jewelry not purchased here

⦁ $20 for Aftermarket Jewelry

⦁ $40 for Titanium Jewelry

You must be:

18 years of age for nipple, bridge or tongue piercings, 16 years of age for a septum piercing, 10 years and up for earlobe piercings and 14 years of age for all other piercings. Parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 16.

Piercing Aftercare Pricing:

⦁ Neilmed $15 for 2.7oz or $25 for 6.3oz


Payment methods:

All Payments can be made by cash, debit or credit. All payments are listed before tax.


●Prior to cleaning your piercing, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before cleaning! This is important to ensure that there will be no bad bacteria to potentially infect the healing piercing.

● Other than when cleaning your new piercing, DO NOT touch your piercing!! It is important to keep your new piercing clean, and to not irritate it.

● Normal bathing and showering is acceptable, but do your best to keep scented soaps and shampoos
away from your piercing, as some chemicals can irritate the area.

● All body piercings must be cleaned 2-3 times per day, every day, for the entire duration of your initial healing period. Consistency is key!

● Apply saline spray directly onto the front and back of your piercing. Let the solution soak for approximately 3-5 minutes, then gently pat dry with a clean paper towel.

● To keep your jewelry clean, once a day best after a shower in addition to your twice daily cleaning,
apply saline to a q-tip, and gently roll around the base of the piercing front and back. This will help keep anything from building up onto your piercing.

● Avoid over cleaning your piercing, as the solution to clean it can irritate it if used at an excessive amount.

● DO NOT use alcohol, peroxide, or antibacterial soaps on your new piercings. Those cleaning agents
can be too strong for a fresh piercing, and can cause issues with a proper heal.

● Avoid sleeping on a piercing during the healing process to the best of your ability! This could vary the
length of your healing process. A neck pillow can help alleviate this.

● Most piercings take 8-12 weeks of initial healing time, and full heal between 6 months to 1 year. As long as there are no symptoms of redness, swelling, irritation, tenderness, you are free to change out your piercing to different jewelry if you so please.

● DO NOT remove ANY jewelry from a potentially infected area. Swelling, redness, and soreness is normal for the first week or so. Icing your piercing to reduce swelling is recommended. If these symptoms occur for longer than one week, and an infection occurs, please contact your family Physician or seek out help at a walk in clinic.

Thank you for your trust in getting your new piercing with us at No Love Lost Tattoo Studio. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the shop, or contact me via Instagram @piercer_x_curtis, and we will be glad to assist you! -Curtis Hircock

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