1. An appointment must be made to enter the studio. No guests may accompany you, unless you are a minor receiving a piercing. No walk-ins will be permitted either.
2. Masks must be worn during your visit to our studio. If you do not have one, it will be provided for you.
3. Prior to entering the studio, you must call in for a pre- screening questionnaire developed by the Ministry of Health.
When given the green light, we will greet you at the front entrance with hand sanitizer and mask (if needed). Our staff will be required to do the same.
4. Touchless payments will be encouraged via e-transfer. Alternatively, we will have a debit and credit machine available that will be disinfected after each use.
5. All surfaces and items in the studio will be cleaned and disinfected regularly for safety. No common space items will be present (ie. magazines, portfolios, etc.)
6. We encourage you to bring your own food and drink and to keep it with you. If you need water, a staff member would be happy to get that for you. The lounge area will be used for snack time and may not be occupied by more than 3 people at a time to ensure proper distancing measures.
7. In addition to our pre-screening questionnaire, we will be following up with every client 2 weeks after your appointment to ensure you are in good health. If you develop any symptoms of illness before or after your appointment, please contact us immediately.
8. We encourage you to exercise proper handwashing techniques regularly. We will also be providing more garbages and hand sanitizer stations throughout the studio, for your convenience.
9. All consultations will be done online with our digital consultation forms. If more information is required, you may discuss further by requesting a phone call with your chosen artist.
10. All staff members will be certified through the World Health Organizations online course pertaining to the global pandemic. This is in addition to our standard certifications for bloodborne pathogens and infection controls. We have always maintained the highest health standards of cleanliness within our studio and our procedures and practices will be updated regularly to adhere to all health department guidelines.